School Management System (SMS)

EDUMARK provides full modules of SMS including:

accounting, ERP, HR and students’ collections.

HR system

EDUMARK helps schools to establish their own HR systems by offering suitable strategies, job descriptions and KPIs. The performance appraisal of each position can be totally done automatically by the system.

Follow everyday progress

EDUMARK facilitates a place where business’s owner can follow everyday progress and manage school based on accurate and up-to-date data so he can track his business easily without bearing any managerial efforts. The system can give an overview of the school performance and potential issues and can answer any aroused.


EDUMARK provide authorization of any function to personnel. The owner can delegate any person to do or follow a specified feature like finance matter. Since the system provides many modules, the admin rights can be granted separately for each module.

online admission application

EDUMARK provides an online admission application. The online application includes all necessary data about applicants.
In case the application is approved the data are collected and import into the system.
All new applicant data are moved to students’ affair section automatically.

hundreds of reports.

EDUMARK collects all forms of data to help any responsible person on every level of the school hierarchy to issue hundreds of reports.
Import and export data can be done automatically.

payments system

EDUMARK provides a payments system which will save a lot of work and time.
With this system you don’t need to collect money from students in their classes or parent coming to school.
EDUMARK can enter payments, send notices to parents, and import payments from bank accounts.

Canteen order system

EDUMARK provides a canteen order system.

Parents can control the price of the meals and put a weekly plan.

They can check the canteen menu on the mobile application and order or cancel a meal.

Parents can handle allergens, nutrition.

They also can rate the quality of meals.


EDUMARK helps school to create surveys which you can assign it for teachers, students, parents or for all.

Results will help you to give feedback and support your decisions in the right time to lead any changes.

Student Management-System:

Referred to also as a Student Record System (SRS) is a software solution that helps in tracking recording and managing all the student data, anything and everything related to the student from his smallest point of weaknesses to his hobbies and areas where he/she excel in also track his/her attendance, studying hours per week, grades,   in addition to his/her behavioral and interactive attitudes.