Learning Management System (LMS)

Edumark is very helpful tool to support new era of e-learning

where students are able to access all sorts of teaching materials they need,

self-evaluating, send and receive assignments,

live streaming with their teachers and other colleagues.

Full and rich digital content

EDUMARK is supported by full and rich digital content for all stages and all main subjects like English, Mathematics, science, social studies and Arabic. The contents are available for in-classroom as well as out of the classroom teaching, learning and instructional activities. They include full courses, tests, course materials, PDF, e-Textbooks, instructional videos, and games. For teachers, the content supports the creation, delivery, use and improvement of lessons to produce quality instructional material.

Full communicative channel

EDUMARK guarantees a full communicative channel between teachers, students, parents and school administration as well. It puts them all on one platform and no need to emails at all. It is very safe no one from outside the system can interfere.

Standard based

LMS in Edumark are standard-based where all lessons are classified according to the standards and so that we can issue detailed reports and remedial plans when needed. A school can use its own standards and easily track the covered once and never skip any of them.it is also so easy to connect the teaching materials with standards.

Many helpful features

EDUMARK provides many helpful features like attendance tracking, assigning homework, generate quizzes automatically and many other features. A teacher can just pick the lesson’s topic from his teaching plan and check the students’ attendance, task finishing and may give help in difficult topics.

Monitor students’ behavior

EDUMARK can easily monitor students’ behavior which of course are rated across specific period of time like a term in all subjects. The teachers can evaluate a student’s behavior with many options. It could be with marks or just a note. Also, compliments can motivate students for more commitment.

Edumark will organize all school events

in one calendar where students, teachers, parents and school administration are all connected.

All type of events will be conducted and being notified to concerning persons like term and final exams,

school activities, trips, camps, final ceremony, vacations, etc.

User Friendly

EDUMARK is very user friendly as it enables teachers to quickly prepare his lesson presentation, test or assignments from materials, which you or other teachers have prepared. All materials on the platform are printable and can done online.


EDUMARK will help school to customize students’ certificates at the end of a term or at the end of an academic year. Certificates will to be compatible with school policy and regulations. It is easy to be issued according to each subject’s grade breakdown. All accumulated data across the whole year will automatically input in students’ certificates on time so that, at the end of year or term, they will be ready be published by just a click. In addition, like all other materials on the system, certificates are issued in printable format.

standards-based exams

Edumark provides standards-based exams and quizzes. Teacher can align questions and standards. The answers are automatically corrected and results are saves. Detailed statistics will show you how students digested each individual standard. So that, teachers can track progress of each individual student and suggest remedial plans for weaknesses. Comparison statistics will help teachers and students to follow positive or negative changes.