Edumark Mobile APP

The boring administration has changed into a useful function.
EDUMARK developed a mobile application to allow students communicate effectively with teachers and do all tasks.

Students APP

EDUMARK is very interactive as students can connect to the smart board presentation via their smartphones or tablets and respond to choices or answer questions.

Parents APP

Parents can monitor and follow their students’ performance and behaviors as well through the app. They are better informed about what their children learning and how they can help them. Parents are notified about attendance, grades and test results on daily bases.

Parents APP

EDUMARK tends to engage parents in all school activities, parties, events and occasions. They will receive photos, videos and surveys in the same time any of these activities happens. Also, parents can ask a teacher for an online meeting and vice versa. A notification is sent to the school admin by the date and permit it. No need for parent to interrupt their work and come to school for such meeting

Immediately Notifications

Parents and students are immediately notified on their mobile when the teacher take an action in the class like assigning a homework or even giving punish to a student. The homework is done online and automatically corrected. Results are sent to teachers and parents as well. Parents can send a note to the teacher for any inquiries.


Stakeholders are also able to effectively do all things which were practically impossible to do without it.
It is native mobile application where any input information in the mobile app once. It will automatically be displayed to every person concerned.